What is Ansarada?

Ansarada is an Australian virtual data room manufacturer. The company has been offering its services since 2005, giving support for IPOs, M&As, fundraising, and tenders. Currently, the provider has headquarters in Sydney, Chicago, New York, and London.

An Ansarada virtual data room features an artificial intelligence engine, which is in demand in the market. Some of Ansarada’s top-rated AI-powered tools are Smart Upload which speeds up deal preparation, and Bidder Engagement Score that predicts the transaction outcome with 97% accuracy.

Ansarada features

Here we highlight distinctive features that greatly benefit Ansarada data room users.

  • Deal Workflow™. This project management option serves as a trusted data source for tracking workflows during a project. After activating the data room, you can manage information and participants in real-time.
  • Intuitive interface. The founders took into account other providers’ shortcomings when organizing software navigation. Thus, customers find virtual workspaces easy to manage and modern in design. Their other convenient features include a drag-n-drop tool and bulk upload.
  • Security and control. Users can erase information remotely, even if downloaded to other devices. Moreover, they can manage recipient permissions for downloading, printing, and editing. 
  • Redaction. Pattern recognition and bulk redaction accelerate pattern data identification and removal. In this way, Ansarada VDR software removes the need for systematic version control. The provider includes this market-leading feature  at no extra charge.
  • AI reporting. Managers can see who viewed, printed, or downloaded a document. Consequently, they have access to a complete activity log for each user. Another tool for deal insights is the Bidder Engagement Score, which lets you track investor or bidder engagement rates with 97% accuracy.
  • Q&A. Here users can set restrictions on viewing topics, questions, or answers. Additionally,  you can configure the number and frequency of questions.

Ansarada pricing

Ansarada cost details are not available on their website, but a potential customer can get an estimate by using their pricing calculator. 

While such a pricing strategy is very convenient, it has a few drawbacks to consider:

  • The minimum storage option is 250 MB. Ansarada customers pay for additional MB — not GB. 
  • The provider offers a flash drive only for one project. Should Ansarada users need an additional one, it will cost them £500.
  • The company gives aggressive discounts for the first year of cooperation. Over time, the cost stabilizes.
  • Extra storage charges are equal to the base price of a specific plan.

For tenders, the provider has a special offer — the Ansarada Tender Platform. The price also depends on the project duration and the amount of data. It includes an unlimited number of virtual workspaces and users. What is more, clients can access Client Services as often as they need.

Ansarada free trial 

The preparation period is unlimited for advisors. During this time, they have free access to Ansarada’s feature set. Advisors pay after the first invited user is authorized.

Non-advisors can access all features for 14 days free of charge. They also offer an unlimited number of users for all plans. 

Ansarada support and deployment

Client Services assists Ansarada clients through live chat, phone, and email. However, even though the technical support team is available 24/7, Ansarada Net Promoter Score indicates that customer loyalty is very low — it could benefit from improvement. 

Finally, Ansarada’s deployment options are fully web-based.  Therefore, the solution does not require the installation of any additional plugins or other software for activation. Unfortunately,  the provider has yet to develop apps for mobile devices.


How expensive Ansarada data room is?

Ansarada data room cost depends on the required storage size and the service duration. Thus, if you need 4 GB with unlimited users for a year, the price is $1,200 per month. At the same time, 250 MB with unlimited users for 1 month costs $399.

Does Ansarada offer any integration options?

Ansarada offers integration options such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. All this allows users to collect critical documents from the listed platforms in one centralized space, and Ansarada automatically syncs them in seconds.

How does Ansarada compare to other virtual data room providers and deal-making platforms?

Ansarada differs from other virtual data room providers and deal-making platforms with AI-powered tools, including predictive analytics with 97% accuracy, smart and quick redaction, which detects patterns across 9 languages, and a self-sort feature that sorts an unlimited number of documents in minutes.

What are the key features of Ansarada’s solutions?

The key features of Ansarada’s solutions are Deal Workflow for project management, Bidder Engagement Score for tracking bidder engagement, Smart Upload for accelerated deal preparation, and AI-powered redaction.