What is Brainloop?

Brainloop is a virtual data room provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company has been ensuring secure collaboration of sensitive data since 2000. In August 2018, Diligent Corporation acquired Brainloop VDR to expand globally.

According to Data Lab Forecast, the Brainloop data room is one of the leading market players today. Small wonder, as the provider’s client list includes organizations from the FTSE, Fortune 500, and DAX 30.

Brainloop features

Robust data protection mechanisms are Brainloop’s strong point. That is why directors trust it with their confidential documents during calls for tenders, M&A, due diligence, or property transactions. Here are some of the Brainloop virtual data room features that guarantee strong data protection:

  • ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification. The tools aimed at safeguarding client confidentiality need to comply with international information security standards.
  • Security copies. Brainloop backs up data from each workspace weekly, and the information remains available to all authorized users for 21 days. If necessary, you can always request a copy of the data room.
  • 256-bit AES encryption. The algorithm protects contents from unauthorized users and IT service providers, including data at rest and in transit.
  • Two-factor authentication. Only authorized users can log in using a random password received on their mobile phones.
  • Dynamically generated watermarks. With watermarks on each page, Brainloop software prevents unauthorized transfers of sensitive client data. 

Here are some data and task management tools for improving the user experience:

  • Indexing. By default, all files are arranged chronologically. You can customize the list and include a description, the file size, the file owner, and other information. Additionally, Dataroom Index is easy to download as a pre-configured Excel file.
  • Task management. Users can assign tasks and then track the performance with the program’s notification system. Moreover, you can assemble tasks and files into milestones that provide an integrated approval process.
  • Data search engine. It works for both full text and properties. However, the full-text index in encrypted virtual workspaces is also encrypted and, therefore, not accessible from outside of the data room. Additionally, you can download the results as ZIP files and save queries as a search object to use them again.

Brainloop pricing

Brainloop calculates its pricing structure based on three factors: storage capacity, length of use, and the number of users. 

The Brainloop data room provider charges €800/month for 4 GB of storage with a maximum of 50 users. However, the minimum contract term is three months, which may not be suitable for short-term projects. In addition, customers have to pay a one-time €700 fee for installation and onboarding.

Brainloop’s terms and conditions state that the value-added tax is levied on the product for internal clients.

Brainloop free trial

Unfortunately, the provider’s website does not contain information about a free trial. To sign up, users need to fill out a form on the official Brainloop website.

Brainloop support and deployment

The Customer Service Portal provides round-the-clock technical support for users. Another point is that Brainloop experts help meet the specific client industry requirements through competent consulting. Knowledge Base and Quick Guides are additional helpful resources that provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Regarding deployment, the Brainloop virtual data room is a cloud, SaaS, web-based solution.  Users can enjoy apps on Android and IOS to stay connected and updated.


What is Brainloop?

Brainloop is a leading vendor of virtual data rooms, providing a highly secure collaboration workspace. Brainloop solutions support effective collaboration within the company and with external partners. Besides, they empower complex deals and simplify day-to-day business workflows.

What are the key features of Brainloop?

The key features of Brainloop are complete encryption at rest, in transit, and on mobile devices, two-factor authentication via email PIN or SMS, token, or QR code, personalized watermarks, traceable document delivery, and a multilingual user helpdesk 24/7 by phone or email.

How secure is the Brainloop platform?

The Brainloop platform is secure through data hosting in ISO 27001-certified data centers, database and file system encryption, information rights management, external security audits several times a year, and a restrictively configured firewall.

What types of customer support does Brainloop offer?

Brainloop offers 24/7 user support via Customer Service Portal, training for data room managers and users, quick tutorials, an online archive with keyword search, and competent consulting to assist you in implementing specific requirements.