What is Citrix virtual data room software?

Citrix is an American technology company that has been in the market since 1989. Citrix solutions include 20 different services and software tools, which range from VPN and analytics to virtual data rooms. Citrix services and products are used by more than 400,000 organizations in over 100 countries.

Citrix’s virtual data room is called ShareFile. The ShareFile data room helps the participants of complex deals manage and streamline workflows effectively. 

With Citrix, medium and small businesses can share confidential documents with their clients and partners by allowing admins to create secure document portals and grant different levels of access permissions. 

As a result, all files are always reliably protected, and the platform can be used for such data-heavy transactions as fundraising, IPO, real estate, risk management, M&A, or as a complete due diligence solution.

ShareFile also offers its clients the ability to permanently store sensitive data, on the cloud or in physical premises.

ShareFile features

The main features of the ShareFile virtual data room fall into two categories: document sharing features and content collaboration features. 

Document sharing tools allow admins to securely share confidential data with other users. They include:

  • Granular permissions — admins can grant different access permissions to users and groups, down to folder level.
  • Dynamic watermarking — admins can add an indelible watermark to documents, customizing them with each user’s name and details, which ensures no user will share document photos or print screens.
  • Click trails — admins keep in control of users’ activities by knowing exactly who is interacting with which documents, when and how.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting — admins can compare users’ activities and decide which people are the most active users and deserve more attention.

Collaboration tools allow users to communicate among themselves on joint projects, on the basis of shared documents. These features are: 

  • Feedback — users can ask for and make comments on shared documents.
  • Approvals — users can request and grant approvals of documents in the data room.
  • Electronic signatures — users can ask for signatures and sign documents.

Citrix ShareFile pricing

ShareFile prices vary according to the plan the client chooses. There are four available Citrix ShareFile pricing plans, all of which include:

  • Permissions for five employee users
  • 10% discount on annual payment over monthly payment
  • Permissions for unlimited client users
  • Custom branding
  • Mobile applications
  • Two-factor authentication

For all plans, the minimum use is three months. Here are the main characteristics of each plan offered by the Citrix VDR:

Standard Plan

  • Cost: US$ 55 per month
  • Features: storing, syncing and sharing
  • Additional users: US$ 9.90 per user
  • Storage: unlimited

Advanced Plan

  • Cost: US$ 85 per month
  • Features: all those included in the Standard plan, plus Outlook and Gmail plugins, Office 365 co-editing, advanced collaboration features and advanced security features
  • Additional users: US$ 17 per user
  • Storage: unlimited

Premium Plan

  • Cost: US$ 135 per month
  • Features: all those included in the Advanced plan, plus esignatures and custom workflows
  • Additional users: US$ 27 per user
  • Storage: unlimited

Virtual Data Room Plan

  • Cost: US$ 375 per month
  • Storage: 5GB
  • Features: the Virtual Data Room plan offers advanced features for securely sharing and controlling data, like dynamic watermarking, view-only permissions, and click trails. However, it does not offer the advanced collaboration features found in the Advanced and Premium plans, and it is online only. Esignatures are available at an additional cost.

It’s important to note that the plans offered by the Citrix virtual data room solution can be customized with industry-specific features according to the client’s needs. 

Citrix ShareFile free trial

Citrix does offer a free trial of the ShareFile VDR. Prospective buyers can try the software for a 30-day period, during which they will have, among others:

  • Phone and email support
  • Unlimited storage
  • Up to 5 employee accounts
  • The ability to use the custom branding feature

Citrix also offers a one-on-one demo of ShareFile, during which the prospective buyer can ask questions about the software and learn what features set it apart from other VDRs.

Citrix support and deployment

There’s a chat on the Citrix ShareFile website, where potential buyers can ask quick questions about the virtual data room. The responder is initially a bot, but if the user types in that they want to chat with a human, they will be redirected to a support agent. Live chat is available from 8am to 8pm EST. The user must enter their name and email address to start the live chat.

Citrix ShareFile customers can request help through the website or via phone call.

The ShareFile website also offers a series of onboarding documentation, videos and user guides, as well as an online forum where users can share their experiences and get help from other users and from support agents.

ShareFile virtual data room works on desktop, tablets, and mobiles. ShareFile mobile apps work on iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Android devices.


How does Citrix ShareFile work?

Citrix ShareFile is a feature-rich platform for secure and efficient file-sharing and facilitating team collaboration. The solution also allows customizable usage and settings, which makes the user experience even better.

Is ShareFile the same as Dropbox?

At first look, Dropbox and Citrix ShareFile are similar products offering the same advantages. Thus, both solutions use the cloud to store and exchange files. Still, at the same time, ShareFile delivers more sophisticated features and benefits than Dropbox.

How can I access Citrix ShareFile?

When a ShareFile user sends you a Share a File link, you will see the “Require User to Login” option. This prompts you to create your personal ShareFile account to access the link you got from an authorized data room user. ShareFile is available on Android and iPhone mobile devices and any computer with an internet connection.

Is Citrix ShareFile free?

Citrix ShareFile is not free. You can only try the product with a one-time free trial. But pay attention to the conditions: the provider may terminate the free trial before the end date or require switching to a paid plan.

What is the file limit for Citrix ShareFile?

The file limit for Citrix ShareFile is up to 10GB or 100GB, depending on your tariff plan. You can upload a maximum of 10,000 items to a single folder. Note that any data upload that takes more than 18 hours will not be completed.