What is a Clinked client portal?

Clinked client portal is a fully white label virtual data room service that focuses on professional branding, mobility of their solution, secure file sharing, and seamless task management. 

Clinked software solutions are known for their customizability features. Thanks to them, each company can show their clients a different version of the virtual data room adjusted specifically to their needs. In addition, branding their mobile apps makes this software an outstanding example of a brand-aware data room provider.

Clinked client portal is a virtual data that will satisfy any firm looking to customize online file repositories with their own logo, headers, and custom domain names. With the unique branding tools that the Clinked VDR provides, creating a space dedicated to an investor or client is possible. 

Industries that choose this platform to manage projects and secure deals include:

  • Investments
  • Financial services
  • Government 
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Legal

Visit the official Clinked website to find out more or to schedule a free trial for your company. 

Clinked features

The Clinked data room has an array of features that present their virtual data room solution as one of the most unique while staying focused on providing the user with a truly customizable interface.

Mobile interface

The Clinked client portal can be accessed remotely and is compatible with most desktops, laptops, and portable devices. As for the user-friendly mobile app, users can communicate with their team anywhere and get push notifications for any group that they are members of.


Your company’s business workflow shouldn’t be disrupted because of a new virtual data room solution. Fortunately, the portal integrates with helpful apps like Office, GSuite, Google Docs, and Adobe products.


The client portal features chatting for secure communication with colleagues in real time. Apart from it, there is a business Group Chat feature, which streamlines team collaboration and allows participants to share ideas on any device.


The chat feature also facilitates collaboration, making it convenient to exchange notes, share files, and collaborate on tasks and events. Additionally, user friendly Q&A functionality and the ability to resolve issues within the portal quickly are invaluable.


When meeting with an important client, it is important to be prepared. The Clinked client portal helps to do just that through white label virtual data rooms with branded panels. By providing comprehensive app support, Clinked helps its clients get the most out of their business deals. 


Security is one of the most important tools of software for business teams. With bank-grade security protocols and the ability to give and revoke access to the storage, your files are protected and information sharing is secure. 

Clinked pricing

The Clinked data room offers four pricing plans. The greatest difference between them is the number of files you can store and the number of allowed users. The Clinked portal cost structure is as follows:

Lite$83 a month, if billed annuallyA white-label portal for small businesses, with a maximum of 100 members and 100GB of storage. It allows for an unlimited number of guests.
Standard$209 a month, if billed annuallyAll of the above + calendar, discussions, tasks, 1TB of storage, full-text search, and your own domain.
Premium$416 a month, if billed annuallyAll of the above + 250 members, 3TB of storage capacity, and personalized email notifications.
Enterprise$836 a month, if billed annuallyAll of the above + 1000 members, 5TB of storage, and a customizable mobile app.

Clinked free trial

The Clinked VDR also offers a 10-day free trial for potential clients. It provides an unlimited number of files, 100MB of storage capacity, and premium features like tasks, a shared calendar, and many other tools to help you test the software solution to see how it can help you manage projects and share documents.
You can request a trial on the official Clinked website.

Clinked support and implementation

The Clinked virtual data room provider is known for its huge knowledge base available on the official website. For example, if you don’t know how to upload or share files, you would most likely be able to get the answer you need from this section of the website.
Apart from that, Clinked offers a video tour for its potential customers, allowing them to look into the client portal solution itself. For any additional questions or requests, there is a Frequently Asked Questions users can consult. Clinked also can arrange helpful webinars for teams that have special requests or deal with difficulties using the software.
Clinked support is also available for assistance, however it doesn’t answer on their hotline 24/7.


Does Clinked data room offer a free trial or demo before purchasing?

Clinked data room offers a free trial and demo before purchasing. You can see how the software works by filling out a form on the provider’s official website. Right there, you can also request a 10-day free trial, available for all the Clinked plans.

Is Clinked data room compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA?

Yes, the Clinked data room is compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA. In addition, the provider uses Amazon Web Services for hosting data centers, which are SAS70, ISO 27001, and PCI certified.