What is DocSend?

DocSend is a secure data-sharing service that helps businesses drive deals with fast, effective sharing. It’s a popular tool for sales and marketing teams, business development and recruiting, as well as fundraising and financing purposes.

While providing much the same services as other cloud-based platforms, the DocSend software takes its offerings to another level through data analytics that allow you to form a clear image of how clients access and consume your shared information.

DocSend was acquired by Dropbox in early 2021 and now allows users to integrate content with Dropbox files and folders.

DocSend is an excellent tool for companies and sales teams. It not only allows you to send pitches and proposals while keeping sensitive data protected but also gives you full oversight over user access and interest. However, it’s geared towards smaller companies and processes, and may not be the best choice for larger-scale operations such as M&A. 

DocSend features

Through the cloud-based DocSend platform users can find all the main tools for file work. This includes:

  • High-security data rooms: share files securely with end-to-end encryption and access controls.
  • Electronic signatures: easily attach your signature or collect others’ through the platform’s special function.
  • Ready-made NDAs: upload your company NDAs to the data room and deploy them when necessary with a single click.
  • Dynamic company watermarks: protect sensitive documents further with dynamic watermarking, which displays users’ information (name, IP address, time of access).

Also noteworthy are DocSend’s rich analytics resources. On the platform, sales teams have the chance to gauge and control prospective customers’ interest with a slew of features: 

  • File visitor stats: get notified on who is viewing your files and for how long.
  • Data room user audit trail: find out how users interact with the platform, including files accessed, time spent logged, and so on.
  • Document version control: gives you an overview of edits and comments on any given file.
  • Recent activity panel: shows you the latest interactions with your platform content.

DocSend pricing

DocSend’s basic pricing model is a monthly $10 fee per user, but other pricing options are available. Below you can see the full table of DocSend pricing features as per the provider’s website:

Personal Charges $10 per user, per month. This plan is ideal for individuals looking to secure their business database. It doesn’t allow access to the DocSend virtual data room.
Standard At $45 per user, per month, this is the basic plan for business teams. It gives access to data rooms and advanced sharing features.
Advanced At $150 per month, the Advanced plan includes three users and comes with a lot more features. Additional users are charged $60/month to access DocSend solutions.
Enterprise The Enterprise plan is the best one for bigger companies with more significant data-hosting and -sharing needs. The pricing here is custom, meaning you need to contact the provider for a quote for your specific use case.

Overall, the DocSend data room cost is not the highest, sitting somewhere in the medium range of VDRs and similar tools.

DocSend free trial

Who doesn’t love a free trial? DocSend certainly does, as the company offers a 14-day free trial where you can avail yourself of its most advanced Enterprise plan.

DocSend support and deployment

The platform tech support is very well-rated in reviews (as of 2021), with users praising the team’s responsiveness and friendliness. 

Support is available through email, chat, and phone. Users can also avail themselves of the DocSend forum, FAQ, and knowledge base sections and, if necessary, request in-person online training.

As regards deployment, the platform is entirely cloud- and web-based. This means you won’t have to download any software in order to use it, but users looking for a platform app to speed things up may be disappointed.Also worth mentioning, the DocSend VDR allows for easy integration with the most used cloud storage services: Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive.


Is DocSend a data room?

DocSend is not originally a data room, but it’s widely used as a reliable file-sharing platform on par with virtual data room solutions. Although DocSend offers roughly the same services as other cloud-based products, it advances them through data analytics to show how clients access and use your information.

Does DocSend offer customer support?

DocSend offers responsive customer support via email, chat, and phone. Additionally, users can request in-person online training and benefit from the DocSend help center, FAQs, and Troubleshooting pages.

Is DocSend GDPR-compliant?

Yes, DocSend is GDPR-compliant. In addition, the provider complies with SOC 2, which means that DocSend takes necessary steps to ensure your data security.

What is the difference between Dropbox and DocSend?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service for syncing and sharing files. DocSend is a document-sharing solution that provides analytics and control over sent files. With DocSend, you can see who views your data, who users send it to, and how long they spend on each page.