What is Docurex?

Docurex is a virtual data room service company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The solution offers a high level of security, modern business opportunities, and consistently high-quality service.

Regarding Docurex data room benefits, the vendor claims about a 50% time savings with due diligence and M&A and lower transaction costs compared with physical storage. 

The provider markets its product as high-quality, but it’s difficult to find any online reviews to verify user experiences. For example, even reputable online marketplaces like Capterra and GetApp do not present any information on the solution.

Docurex features

The Docurex virtual data room functionality covers all the most necessary tools for concluding transactions, namely: 

  • Secure viewing data technology. This mechanism protects against the illegal use of documents by applying watermarks and blocking the printing option.
  • Group/user-based permissions. Admins can manage access to folders or specific documents for an individual or a group. Moreover, the integrated management tools provide reports on the access privileges assigned.
  • Assessment of investor interest. In-depth knowledge about the activity of potential buyers and investors is a valuable insight for sellers. That is why the Docurex VDR software generates detailed access reports and thus allows directors to track stakeholder engagement.
  • Q&A module. Regardless of the number of questions from company employees, partners, or investors, the module makes it easier for persons or groups responsible for answering quickly. 
  • Full-text indexing. Once uploaded onto the platform, documents can be scanned to make their text searchable. Files are available in Office document formats, HTML, and PDF.
  • Corporate branding. You can customize virtual workspaces with your business theme or logo to make them recognizable.

Docurex pricing

There is nothing on the official website about Docurex cost. However, according to user reviews, the provider offers three subscription plans — Standard, Enterprise, and Premium. Each of them allows for an unlimited number of users.

  • Standard. This plan provides 5GB of storage capacity, user management, document viewer (Office to PDF), backup, and restricted access for user accounts. However, there is an additional charge for full-text indexing, Q&A module, and branding.
  • Enterprise. The plan includes 50GB of storage, additional security for the document viewer, automatically-generated watermarks, a Q&A module, and full-text indexing. In addition, the client can opt for branding, user/permission management by the Docurex team, and two-factor authentication at login for an extra fee.
  • Premium. In addition to 100GB of storage, this Docurex data room pricing strategy includes branding, user/permission management by the Docurex team, and two-factor authentication at login. Although interface between ERP & CMS systems, 24/7 support, and a separate data room from the current database incurs an additional fee.

For more accurate and specific details on pricing, contact the provider to get a personalized quote.

Docurex free trial

Docurex allows potential users to try out the product for 10 days. Potential clients can request a free trial on the company’s official website. 

Docurex support and implementation

The support hotline assists users on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 (CEST). Unfortunately, response times can be as long as two hours per user reviews.

Users can launch the solution on any device without software requirements. The software is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. Regrettably, the company has yet to develop mobile apps.


What is Docurex data room?

Docurex data room is a virtual data room company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, founded in 2001. The platform delivers essential business solutions, high security, and quality service. Notably, the Fraunhofer Institute has granted Docurex user-friendliness certification.

Is Docurex VDR suitable for small businesses or large enterprises?

Docurex VDR is suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. It offers various pricing plans that can fit the needs and budgets of different organizations.