What is HighQ?

HighQ data room is a sophisticated solution for primarily US- and Canada-based companies that operate in the legal sector. HighQ VDR software comes from a line of accounting, finance, and law firm products by Thomson Reuters that aim to streamline and equip user experience via tailored tools and services.

HighQ software combines virtual data room capacity with other document processing and collaboration tools to provide users with a holistic and convenient decision-making environment.

HighQ Thomson Reuters is suitable for boutique firms, corporate legal departments, and government institutions. Thomson Reuters’ extensive expertise in high-stake markets and segment-focused innovations essentially translate into what is HighQ today.

HighQ software features

HighQ virtual data room features are systemized in a tiered approach, with different levels available through respective HighQ pricing packages. Some of the platform’s core functions include:

  • Basic security. HighQ solutions employ data centers based in North America that get audited according to  ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards. On the software side, users will benefit from single sign-on and granular access permission management.
  • File storage and exchange. HighQ Drive allows users to upload, share, and collaborate on data faster across many devices, including smartphones and desktops.
  • Internal collaboration. HighQ data room enables ongoing discussions via activity feeds, commenting, tags, private messages, and more.
  • Solution templates. The users can choose to create workflow patterns for similar projects to save time and increase collaboration efficiency.
  • Convenient integrations. HighQ VDR software integrates with several external applications, such as Microsoft Office. 

Advanced users gain access to features designed for improved control and transparency over internal transactions. For example, the HighQ software task management capabilities help to improve accountability and speed up operations.

Premium features of the HighQ virtual data room further expand user potential with the tools like AI document analytics, digitization of scanned documents, and procedure automatization. 

Additionally, HighQ Thomson Reuters users can choose from an arrangement of extra features based on the unique requirements of the specific projects. Such add-ons include enhanced security, a wider selection of integrations, and template-based document generation.

HighQ pricing 

HighQ data room pricing divides into three customizable plans: Essentials, Advanced, and Premium. The packages differ in feature sets that aim to support specific use cases.

  • HighQ data room Essentials plan will assist law firms with basic document management and internal collaboration.
  • HighQ Advanced package is designed for portfolio litigations, project and transaction management.
  • HighQ virtual data room Premium plan offers the most value to large legal firms and corporations that look for workflow automatization and improved large-scaler productivity. 

The users can choose to complement each plan with add-on features offered by the provider. Extra features will affect the final HighQ pricing, which results in some user reviews pointing out a lack of upfront transparency. 

HighQ cost is calculated individually for each new user by the provider’s sales department. 

HighQ data room free trial

Unlike other Thomson Reuters legal products, HighQ data room doesn’t offer a free trial period. New users can experience the overall feel of the platform by requesting a complimentary tailored demonstration from the sales department. 

The HighQ Thomson Reuters representatives can also assist customers with comparing different products and making the right choice for the particular case. 

HighQ Thomson Reuters support and deployment

HighQ VDR software technical support is available 24/7 through regional offices in Europe, Australia, and North America via phone and email. The personalized, dedicated support is only available during office hours, between 9 AM and 6 PM, in every region.

The HighQ data room can be accessed through a web browser on laptops and desktops, as well as via specialized apps for iOS and Android. The mobile applications carry limited capacity compared to the full version and have region-specific availability.


What is HighQ used for?

HighQ is used for improved business management for lawyers. Since this solution significantly automates processes, law firms use it to simplify the management of multiple projects, improve client satisfaction, and increase profits.

Is HighQ cloud-based?

HighQ is a cloud-based solution. Furthermore, the HighQ provider offers easy-to-navigate iPhone, iPad, and Android apps to let you and your partners work from anywhere and access information with enhanced security.

In what sector HighQ operates?

HighQ primarily operates in the legal and regulatory sectors, enabling organizations to manage their data and communication on a unified platform. As a result, HighQ is trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations, including big names such as Lex Mundi, Barclays, Osborne Clarke, and Clifford Chance.