What is iDeals virtual data room?

iDeals Solutions Group is a data room provider built on the principles of technological innovation and superior service in 2008. Today, the organization has clients in more than 30 countries and offices in New York, Kyiv, London, Hong Kong and Miami.

The strengths of iDeals virtual data rooms include simplified document management, stable and secure data exchange, and a user-friendly  interface. Notably, the software review site G2Crowd rated the product as the most intuitive on the market. Also, the platform ranks first in the G2 Top 10 Virtual Data Room Software.

As for use cases, the iDeals virtual data room software is suitable for many purposes, including due diligence, M&A, board communication, restructuring and bankruptcy, and life sciences.

iDeals data room features

An iDeals virtual data room employs over 100 tools to help clients share documents securely with user management options, the most reliable security features, and an intuitive interface. Besides, you get data room setup assistance from the iDeals team to be able to easily manage all the system options. 

We’ve highlighted and categorized some of them here for your convenience:

Document management

  • Drag-n-drop. Uploading data to a new virtual workspace is only a few clicks away — no plugins required.
  • Upload in any format. iDeals virtual data room supports over 25 formats, so you do not have to prepare a file before adding it. In addition, the program converts documents into PDFs, making them viewable in any browser.
  • Quick search with labels. Dedicated labels serve a dual purpose — they help with classification and make it easier to find needed files during a search.
  • Automatic numbering. When you move or upload data, the software numbers files, even if there are hundreds (!) of them.
  • Text search. Numerous filters and keyword searches are available within the software. Moreover, a unique OCR engine makes searching possible inside any document.


  • Compliance. The iDeals virtual data room adheres to international standards and has earned ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certification for security, availability, and privacy. The data centers operate on biometric entry authentication systems, physical security, and layers of surveillance.
  • Dynamic watermarks. They remain on documents when viewed, printed, and downloaded. A user can change watermark settings by specifying the IP address, name, and date of access.
  • Robust spreadsheet viewer. This mechanism helps to view and analyze Excel files on the web. The tool downloads files, decrypts, watermarks, and makes spreadsheets viewable in any browser.
  • Granular permissions. Data room administrators have eight levels of permissions for each file or folder, including View, Fence View, Download PDF, Download Encrypted PDF, Download Original, and Upload.
  • Remote shred. This feature enables encryption upon opening or the downloading rights of any document. Therefore, even after downloading, admins can revoke access, if needed.
  • Access restriction by IP or time. These settings help control access to virtual workspaces based on a specific period or particular IP addresses.
  • User permissions. Admins manage access to viewing, printing, downloading, editing tools, taking users’ tasks into account.

Ease of use

  • No Java or plugins. You can view files in their original format without downloading or installing special software.
  • Single sign-on. There is no need to remember multiple passwords because there is a single login for all projects.
  • Scroll-through viewer. This tool allows you to jump from one file to another from within the current document.
  • Multilingualism. iDeals offers virtual data room solutions in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and Turkish.

iDeals pricing

The iDeals VDR provider offers Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. Each includes an unlimited number of users,  two-factor authentication, information rights management, remote shred, fence view, detailed audit trails, and branding.
The iDeals virtual data rooms cost is not listed on their website, but a sales representative can provide a personalized quote.


This service package is suitable for small and mid-size projects. It includes one project, five admins, and storage up to 10GB. 
In addition, the Pro plan provides two copies of the data room archive for free, customizable dynamic watermarks, and NDA. 


The Business plan is perfect for serial dealmakers and large projects. It allows an unlimited number of admins and projects with up to 250GB of storage capacity. 
Other features include branding with company logo and colors and secure login directly from your website.


This suite of services is excellent for a wide variety of business objectives. The Enterprise plan also allows for unlimited projects and admins — plus up to 1TB of storage capacity. 
What is more, no payment is required until the project starts and you get expert support from a dedicated project team. 
Contact the sales team for more iDeals VDR pricing details.

iDeals free trial

Unlike other data rooms, iDeals data room clients receive a relatively long 30-day free trial of unlimited usage. Additionally, users get assistance in data room setup, additional training, a personal demo with an expert, a full set of features, and 24/7 customer  support. 

iDeals support and usage

Technical support is available via live chat and email 24/7 — response time is within 30 seconds and 30 minutes, respectively. iDeals Help Center also comes in handy, as it offers guidance from company experts. As for the usage, iDeals virtual data room provides a web-based interface. You can also enjoy the data room benefits through the app on your Android or iOS-based mobile device. 


Where is iDeals virtual data room headquarters?

iDeals virtual data room headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Other offices are in the UAE, Australia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Malta, France, Germany, Ukraine, and China.

What are iDeals pricing plans?

iDeals pricing plans are Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each includes 24/7 in-app live chat support, two-step authentication, unlimited users, certified data centers, remote shred, information rights management, detailed audit trails, and branding.

Does iDeals virtual data room offer customer support?

Yes, iDeals virtual data room offers an in-app live chat support available 24/7, phone support with industry-leading 25-second response time, and email support with 30-minute response time. Clients can also benefit from the iDeals Help Center, offering guidance from the expert technical support team on all data room features and functionalities.

How secure is iDeals virtual data room?

iDeals virtual data room is totally secure, which is confirmed by ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications, real-time data backup, multi-layered data encryption, dynamic watermarks, secure spreadsheet viewer, fence view, 8 levels of document access rights, and many other sophisticated data security mechanisms.