What is idgard?

An idgard virtual data room is a platform designed by German IT developers for convenient corporate communication and secure file exchange. The company prides itself on certified safety, ease of use, and availability on any device.

It is noteworthy that idgard boasts more than 1200 clients, including Raiffeisen eG, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), First American Data Tree, and Telefónica Deutschland.

idgard features

Most companies use the idgard software for M&As, due diligence, secure board communication, and asset management. Here are its most noteworthy features:

  • GDPR compliant Sealed Cloud. It is a set of technological mechanisms that help to block attacks on unencrypted data and service provider access. Among other things, users get a secure data center based on a sealed infrastructure, hack-resistant SaaS encapsulation, highly secure data in storage and during transmission, zero privileged access, and whitelisting for protection from internal and external attacks.
  • Team workspace. It includes notes and chat rooms for discussion, shared storage and safe document exchange, guest licenses for temporary projects, scheduling, and resource planning.
  • Data exchange features. You can upload documents to an idgard VDR and send them via password-protected links. The maximum permissible data size depends on the subscription plan.
  • MS Office and Outlook extensions. It is easy to open, edit and save documents from data rooms in Word, PowerPoint, MS Office Excel. What is more, it is possible to send files and messages from Outlook.
  • Other typical VDR tools. Here you’ll find an activity log with reports on user activity on the platform, file-exchange prevention through watermarking, secured data preview, and two-step authentication.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting Sealed Cloud — the company’s anti-virus software — when talking about idgard solutions. The patented technology provides users peace of mind that no service provider or unauthorized third party can access content and metadata. This explains why in 2014, idgard became the EuroCloud Deutschland Award winner in services with high innovative potential.

idgard pricing

idgard offers Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise plans. Each includes one free admin license, 10GB of storage capacity per user, two-factor login with DUO, and 2000 PrivacyBoxes per person. An additional 10GB of storage fee is available for €2/month. Clients can pay for services monthly and annually.

  • Essentials. This plan costs €19 per user if paid monthly and €15 if paid annually. The plan requires a minimum of five users and comes with two guest licenses and ten two-factor logins with SMS. 
  • Growth. This plan costs €24 per user, if paid monthly and €19 if paid annually. The plan requires a minimum of five users and comes with five guest licenses and 20 two-factor logins with SMS. Additional features include a virtual data room (€ 60/month), sealed virus scanning, and adjustable interface colors.
  • Enterprise. The idgard data room cost is €35 per user if paid monthly and €29 if paid annually. The plan requires a minimum of 25 users and comes with 10 guest licenses and 50 two-factor logins with SMS per user. This plan includes one virtual data room — additional VDRs are available for €60/month. Enterprise subscribers also enjoy Sealed-Backup/Geo-Redundant Backup and managing permissions at the folder and file level.

idgard free trial 

idgard offers 14-day trials which can be requested on their official website. Users can test all the software functions and apps within this period, with no payment or subscription obligation. Upon the free trial’s expiration, customers may upgrade to one of the subscription plans:

  • idgard Essentials free trial covers 5 full and 10 guest licenses. The storage capacity is 50GB. 
  • The Growth has 5 full and 25 guest licenses with 50GB of storage as well. 
  • Enterprise, in turn, includes 25 full and 250 guest licenses and 250GB of storage. 

All plans transmit SSL encrypted data.

idgard support and usage

The vendor delivers quick assistance via phone in multiple languages. You also get in-depth issue analysis and feedback. The help desk is open on weekdays, 9:00 am-5 pm (CET/CEST). Also, you can request support on their website and choose a convenient service response format — an email or a call. Additionally, there are support manuals, FAQs section, and video clips. 

Finally, the software is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Win2k8. In addition, mobile apps for iOS (from iOS 13) and Android (from 4.4) are available with all idgard tools.


What is idgard virtual data room?

idgard virtual data room is a reliable platform for secure file sharing and convenient corporate communication developed by German IT developers. The outstanding benefits of this solution are ease of use, certified security, and availability on any device.

How secure is the idgard virtual data room platform?

The idgard virtual data room platform is secure. It is fully GDPR-compliant software that meets international security standards. For example, with Sealed Cloud technology, unauthorized access to your data is technically impossible, whether at rest or in transit.