What is idrShare?

idrShare was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company provides virtual data room services with its idrShare VDR software best suited for small businesses that want to securely store, manage, and share confidential data. To date, the idrShare software has facilitated over $20 billion in transactions.

In July 2021, the founders changed their business strategy, stopped idrShare’s activities, and launched a new product — Mineral Box. This mineral management software is aimed at helping mineral-royalty owners to manage mineral ownership data easily, safely, and quickly. 

idrShare features

idrShare VDR software offers a variety of advanced features, including:

  • Security features. They use two-factor authentication to increase the level of security for all information stored within the data room. You can also assign different user permissions according to the person’s task. Additionally, you can set up user agreements on the first login. 
  • Tracking and analytics. You can check user-activity reports within the virtual data room using the activity-tracking feature. This useful tool allows administrators to monitor all tasks and projects in the room. 
  • File management. You can use the bulk file download feature to get needed files from the data room quickly. There is also a document version control feature to track any changes. All files and folders are indexed, which makes it much easier to find a needed file fast.
  • Accessibility. idrShare has an intuitive, uncluttered, and easy-to-navigate interface. It’s very helpful, especially for those who don’t have much experience using data rooms. 
  • Collaboration features. There are Q&A lists to streamline processes within the data room. There are also email alerts to keep users updated on important changes. 

idrShare pricing 

The idrShare pricing structure is quote-based. Plans start at $250 per month. The data room software is customizable and tailored to your business needs. 

It’s best to contact an idrShare company representative to get a personalized quote for your project if you don’t expect to need a long-term plan.

idrShare free trial

idrShare offers a free trial, so users can test out its features and interface to see how well it suits their needs.

idrShare support and usage

The software is web-based and runs on different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, idrShare provides excellent customer support by providing special tech assistance for new clients as well as an after-hours technical support team.