What is a DataSite virtual data room?

DataSite Diligence is a SaaS virtual data room VDR targeted at M&A and due diligence. DataSite is formerly known as Merrill Corporation, as the company rebranded itself in the beginning of 2020, taking the name of its best-known solution, the DataSite virtual data room.

A top-of-the-line VDR, DataSite supports advisors and their clients’ collaboration within and across organizations. Specifically, this secure collaborative software that shortens timelines for buy-side and sell-side teams provides transaction and document management solutions for big and small companies, law firms, and investment bankers.

Since the DataSite platform offers ironclad security and delivers services for managing the full spectrum of financial transactions, it’s an excellent choice for various industries and use cases. And as a result, beyond due diligence DataSite helps with: 

  • Sensitive data management
  • Capital raising 
  • Deal marketing
  • IPOs 
  • Post-merger integration (PMI) 
  • Company restructuring

In spite of its rebranding (having changed from Merrill VDR to Datasite One, to Datasite), the DataSite Diligence data room is an old face in the M&A business. But it’s also an innovative brand that brings to the table an ever-expanding, customer-inspired array of features helping to succeed across the entire deal lifecycle. 

As the premiere virtual data room with decades of industry expertise, DataSite is consistently recognized for breakthrough technologies and service. The Corporation Merrill DataSite customer support was known for its efficiency, and that tradition carries on to its modernized version. That’s just one aspect of the service, but it goes to show the commitment to customers that is the hallmark of the best VDRs. 

DataSite Diligence features

As an all-around data room, DataSite offers a variety of resources from ranking and tracking potential buyers to AI/ML-enabled capabilities and automated redaction options.

Among its standout features, you’ll find:

  • AI-powered automated redaction tools. After uploading and indexing your files, you can specify words or other terms to be redacted and the system will do the rest, carrying out the changes across all files. 
  • Diligence analytics. Visual, easy-to-process dashboards give you all the stats you need on everything from buyer engagement to user actions, permissions, questions asked, and everything in-between.
  • Automated Q&A process. DataSite can improve your deal lifecycle with a secure collaborative Q&A tool to cooperate across files, tracking user interest, and detecting the most popular questions asked during due diligence.
  • Fast indexing. The data room VDR DataSite supports automatic indexing and allows you to use placeholders for greater customization and adaptability. 
  • Multi-lingual support. DataSite’s knowledgeable support will help you to solve any issues and have your questions answered in your own language, whether it’s German, Mandarin, or Spanish.
  • Omnichannel platform. Since DataSite offers an easily accessible cloud platform, you can work on the go through the device of choice, ranging from phones to tablets to 2-in-1s.
  • Bulletproof security. DataSite offers ironclad security by protecting file sharing and collaboration. The virtual data room follows regulatory compliance including GDPR and CCPA requirements, special security training for its workers, and employing white-hat hackers to breach-test the platform. 

DataSite virtual data room VDR pricing

The Datasite Diligence pricing system works on a per-quote basis, and as of August 2022, there are no pricing plans or packages available on its website.

Based on user reports, pricing is tiered according to the level of usage — the price increases according to the number of document pages hosted on the platform. 

Other reported data room pricing features worth noting include:

  • DataSite offers the possibility for VDR hibernation at a reduced price.
  • It requires a minimum project cost.
  • It has only one general plan, allowing unlimited users, admins, and data rooms.
  • It may offer some flexibility in the way of discounts and customized plans.

DataSite VDR free trial and demo version

While DataSite does not currently work with free trials, it does offer a 14-to-45 free period where you can use the platform in preparation for a deal. If the deal is carried through, you are billed as per the agreed-to plan; if not, you’re not charged.

You can contact an authoritative sales team wherever you are, and get the details on how to get started with DataSite .


At the moment, DataSite virtual data rooms  don’t offer a demo version. 

That said, the former Merrill data room website allows you to understand how the system works through an interactive section. After entering your industry, data room needs, and use cases you get a comprehensive preview of its most useful resources for your particular case.

Support and compatibility

DataSite Diligence has a solid and well-reviewed support system. It offers assistance 24/7/365, working in 20 languages with more than 150 in-house agents. 

Help features include:

  • Phone support (available all day, 365 days a year)
  • Email support
  • Online chat (for sales questions only)
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Active online community (the Dealmaker’s Circle)
  • Blog (including posts on service features and industry-relevant news)
  • Frequent webinars and events


DataSite data room offers a cross-platform experience. For computers, its app is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as running on Google Chrome, Mozilla, IE (11 and above), and Microsoft Edge.

Its mobile version is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. It runs on smartphones, tablets, and iPads. 


What is Merrill DataSite?

Merrill DataSite is a virtual data room for secure file storage and sharing, more commonly known as DataSite now. Once known as Merrill Corporation, the company rebranded itself in 2020, adopting the name of its best product — DataSite virtual data room.

Does Merrill DataSite offer multi-lingual support?

DataSite offers multilingual support. Whether you need assistance or guidance in German, Spanish, or Mandarin, DataSite’s trained customer service team can effectively assist you without language barriers.

Can Merrill DataSite integrate with other software or platforms I am currently using?

Merrill DataSite integrations with other software or platforms you may use aren’t listed on the official website. However, you can benefit from Merrill DataSite products such as Diligence, Prepare, Outreach, Acquire, Pipeline, and Archive — solutions that are perfect for fundraising, IPO, restructuring, licensing, and many other use cases.