What is Mineral Box? 

As part of their new business strategy, IdrShare VDR software provider has created the next-generation platform for mineral managers. In July 2021, the owners of IdrShare launched a new software, Mineral Box, to help mineral royalty owners safely manage their mineral ownership data in one place, accessible from anywhere on the globe. Mineral management software is designed to help keep track of all mineral royalty interests.

Mineral Box features

Mineral Box offers a variety of features, which include: 

  • Bulk uploading and editing. Users can quickly and easily upload all their property and contract information through Excel templates to create new entities.
  • Management of multiple owners. In case you’re managing several mineral or royalty owners, Mineral Box software is designed to help you easily toggle between different owners, or when needed, view all of them at the same time. 
  • Record management. In Mineral Box, you won’t have to dig through all of your files to figure out which wells belong to which tracts. The software allows you to tie everything together for easier and faster reference.
  • Division Order Manager. This feature allows you to keep track of each division order as you’re moving through the approval process. Users can track unapproved division orders and quickly send them to other users for approval once they’re ready for signature.

Mineral Box pricing 

Mineral box pricing is simple and straightforward. There are three pricing plans — Bronze Star, Silver Spur, and Gold Buckle.

  • The Bronze Star package is available for $99 per month, in which you can have three users and manage up to 50 properties. 
  • Silver Spur package, for $149 per month, allows three owners within the software, 10 users, and the ability to manage up to 200 properties. 
  • The Gold Buckle package offers unlimited owners, users, and properties. Contact a company representative for a personalized quote.

Mineral Box free trial

The Mineral Box mineral management software offers a free 30-day pass after signing up. Get in touch with a company representative to discuss your needs and best strategies for managing your mineral interests. 

Mineral Box support and usage

Mineral Box is available as a web application with a modern, flexible design. All important data is stored on a secure cloud platform, so you can access it from any device.


What is Mineral Box?

Mineral Box is a product created by IdrShare VDR for mining managers. The solution was launched in 2021 to simplify mineral royalty owners’ ownership data management and create a centralized space for their confidential information.

How Mineral Box can be used?

The Mineral Box can be used as a secure repository for sensitive data accessible from anywhere on the globe, an efficient way to manage multiple owners, and a reliable tool to keep track of each division order.

What types of customer support does Mineral Box offer?

The official Mineral Box website does not contain any information about customer support. But if you want to choose this solution, requesting details about technical support is recommended. Furthermore, you can ask about software updates and bug fixes.