What is Multipartner?

Multipartner virtual data room is a web-based customizable platform developed by an Italian tech provider, Multipartner. Multipartner data room software offers tools and solutions that enable businesses to process complex deals, perform due diligence, collaborate with users remotely, and make forward-looking decisions that benefit their company.

Multipartner virtual data room solution employs extremely high control standards for corporate documents and secures file sharing through user-activity monitoring. The company was founded and headquartered in Rome, Italy, in 2002 and since then has provided its clients with worldwide access to their virtual data room solution.

The toolset offered by Multipartner software allows users to manage business files, gather and compare data, and conclude complex transactions sooner than expected. 

Another solution from Multipartner is a workspace data room that assists businesses in facilitating internal collaboration during anything from day-to-day operations to licensing, fundraising, franchising, and more. 

Multipartner virtual data room use cases

Multipartner virtual data room caters to medium-scale businesses and large enterprises that operate in real estate, banking, and corporate governance sectors. The Multipartner secure sharing platform was developed to create tailored VDRs that supply corporations with the necessary tools and services to process the following transactions.


Multipartner virtual data room lets legal and financial teams use their service to achieve maximum security while exchanging sensitive documents. The solution allows users to instantaneously compare the necessary documentation with the requirement checklists, communicate with third-party contributors, and delegate tasks internally and externally.


The biggest challenge of a successful M&A deal is figuring out how to develop a streamlined workflow with sufficient data security. Multipartner virtual data room allows business handlers to compare and employ best practices and control all processes from legal due diligence to closure. 


Multipartner virtual data room software helps drive the tender deal forward by allowing contributors to identify critical focus areas, secure data, manage applications, and address any arising issues. 

Board management

Multipartner virtual data rooms are the ideal solution for board communication. It enables members to collectively discover optimal strategies using data insights, assess and compare risks, track progress, and support the company’s operation. 


The NPL transaction cycle is highly dependent on the VDR technology as it requires constant auditing and reporting, from deal preparation to archiving and deletion. Multipartner virtual data room offers the necessary features to guarantee security, sign documents, and manage the deal processing. 

Multipartner virtual data room security

Multipartner virtual data room employs a combination of sophisticated data protection to secure, control, and log any activity surrounding confidential files. The provider’s business is audited and certified according to standards like:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • SO/IEC 27017-27018

And Multipartner’s services and features that secure user documents include:

  • Modular data room segregation
  • Dynamic document watermarks
  • Granular user customization
  • Secure view for third-party access during due diligence
  • Protected PDF viewer that lets users compare files side by side without exposing critical data

Multipartner virtual data room features

Multipartner virtual data room was created for storing and sharing confidential data during complex transactions. Below are the features and services the platform delivers to businesses that allow it to support high-stake transactions and compare to top-performing data rooms within its segment. 

  • Bulk upload of documents and users

You don’t have to manually compare and sort your files inside the Multipartner virtual data room solution. You just need to create a convenient folder structure and a list of authorized users. The rest is taken care of by the virtual data room. 

Then, once all the required files are uploaded into their individual folders, you can begin to exchange confidential documents.

  • Email

You can send emails from within the Multipartner virtual data room. This allows you to manage your business more efficiently by storing confidential information in one place and makes backtracking much easier.

  • Notifications

Multipartner virtual data room considers the specific needs of each project to assign the appropriate notifications to certain documents. Based on that, the virtual data room notifies authorized users about every new upload.

Additionally, virtual data rooms can remind the users about upcoming events, meetings, and transaction stages.

  • Reports

Multipartner virtual data room generates users’ activity reports that will let you compare engagement levels, track task completion, perform audits, and ensure that confidential documents and other critical files are secure. The software’s file-type support makes reports downloadable in a variety of formats, including Word and PDF. 

  • Advanced Q&A

Multipartner virtual data rooms create convenient communication channels for users to help them successfully navigate and control their business. An interactive Q&A form built into the virtual data room software will enable you to fulfill clients’ requests regarding additional documents, for example. 

Users can also ask questions in the Q&A section if they have technical issues with some of their files or folders.

  • Advanced search

One of the most important features of virtual data rooms is allowing users to quickly locate the necessary document. Multipartner virtual data room offers full-text search capabilities that will help you find necessary documents by searching the file name and tags associated with the document’s content.

Benefits of Multipartner virtual data room

Multipartner’s core product is virtual data room software, namely design-tailored VDRs for complex transaction processing. This means that their business is predominantly focused on developing a secure, versatile platform where users can communicate, share confidential information, and make informed decisions.

Multipartner virtual data room key advantages are:

  • Escalated control over sensitive files
  • Dynamic, modifiable infrastructure
  • Streamlined data upload solutions
  • Minimalistic interface with adjustable features
  • Security standards that compare to the market’s top performers

Multipartner data room pricing

Multipartner virtual data room software provider does not disclose its pricing structure publically. In this scenario, virtual data rooms typically form quotes based on the customer’s requirements. The final cost will depend on the security measures, the number of users, level of support, the number of volumes, and other service-related factors.

Remember that new virtual data room customers should always compare price quotes and features of several providers before making a final decision.

Contact a Multipartner virtual data room sales representative via the phone number for your region to request a personalized quote or schedule a free demo. 

Multipartner virtual data room support and deployment

Multipartner virtual data room is a ready-to-use cloud-based software solution. This means you don’t have to worry about downloading plugins or installing additional hardware. 

Additionally, their app for mobile devices allows you to oversee all the activities in the virtual data room on the go. The app is available to the users of mobile devices that operate on iOS or Android.

Multipartner provides access to a 24/7/365 live-rep advisory service that can be reached via email and phone. Customers are encouraged to contact the support team whenever a technical or organizational issue arises. The support team and sales representatives are also the ones to provide free demo sessions for potential clients.

The Multipartner data room 24/7/365 help desk will also help you manage any unforeseen scenarios. Plus, in case of an emergency or an accident, their disaster recovery protocol can preserve the security and integrity of your files.


What is Multipartner data room?

Multipartner data room is a cutting-edge ICT service for collaborative work management, sharing and managing private documents, and tracking business activities in real time. The Multipartner company is notable for building and marketing SaaS-based online platforms on a global scale.

What are the key features of Multipartner data room?

The key features of Multipartner data room are bulk data and user upload, instant notifications, user activity reports, interactive Q&A, and full-text search capabilities. You can also send emails directly from Multipartner’s virtual data room.