What is OpenSourceCM?

Open Source Inc. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) developer focusing on investment banking and contract management. Since its foundation in 1995, OpenSource Cloud Management solutions offered technical assistance in navigating complex deal-making and negotiations. 

OpenSource Cloud Management is a suitable solution for small, medium, and large businesses in the financial sector. The provider particularly highlights the software’s advanced contract processing capabilities and a broad selection of tools for upper management and other key decision-makers.

OpenSourceCM virtual data room can be customized to meet the specific requirements as well as operate on white-label conditions. The simple yet equipped interface allows contract managers to delegate, monitor performance, and close deals faster.

OpenSourceCM features

OpenSourceCM software adapts to every client’s needs and expectations via a calibrated integration process. Besides optimal customization, OpenSourceCM VDR users can also benefit from:

  • Security by AWS. OpenSource Cloud Management is entirely SaaS-based and employs the hosting services of Amazon Web Services. AWS has a proven reputation across the data handling markets and carries numerous compliances and certifications, including  ISO (27001, 27017, 27018), SOC (1, 2, 3), and CSA.
  • Enhanced transparency. CEOs, CFOs, external councils, and internal contract managers can closely observe the activity inside the OpenSourceCM virtual data room to streamline the process and facilitate better accountability.

Open Source Inc. combines detailed reporting with intuitive workflows to deliver a productive and resourceful environment for all the participants. 

  • Calendar and alerts automatization. OpenSource Cloud Management solutions offer a comfortable platform for organizing responsibilities and scheduled events. Additionally, users can integrate the data room with Microsoft Outlook for a more seamless transition and automatic synchronization.
  • Extensive API opportunities. OpenSourceCM software can be extended and adjusted to every user’s application requirements, allowing for a painless transition into the client company’s environment.
  • Advanced search. OpenSourceCM VDR tools such as advanced optical character recognition, metadata scanning capacities, and indexing help find the necessary documents in vast databases faster. 

OpenSource Cloud Management pricing

OpenSource Cloud Management pricing comes in the form of three annually billed feature sets – Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. All plans cover an unlimited number of users but vary in service levels.

  • Basic OSCM starts at $6,000 a year and includes all the essential capabilities of OpenSource Cloud Management solutions. 
  • Pro OSCM starts at $12,000 a year and covers all the Basic features plus workflows and one advanced API.
  • Enterprise OSCM white-label platform starts at $49,900 a year with all the Pro capacities as well as all advanced APIs, customization, and deal room functionality. 

Open Source Inc. notes that API integration and maintenance add $2,500 to the annual fee. Considering the OpenSourceCM data room cost and features, the provider is established between medium to high-range pricing categories and might be a more suitable solution for larger companies. 

OpenSourceCM free trial

OpenSource Cloud Management is offering free trial periods only to non-profit organizations, particularly in the education segment. During the trial, the provider’s representatives help set up and navigate the platform. After the test run, non-profits can sign up for the platform at a negotiated discounted rate.

Before signing up, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise users can also request a free demo from the sales department.

OpenSourceCM support and deployment

Open Source Inc. offers 24/7 support and unlimited training. The live-rep team can be reached via office phones in Foster City, USA and Tel-Aviv, Israel, and by email and chat. OpenSourceCM software users can schedule video calls or request the necessary information using an online form.

OpenSourceCM VDR is only available via web access without an option to install desktop extensions or mobile apps.


What are the key features of OpenSource CM?

The key features of OpenSource CM are unique contract profile templates tailored to your industry requirements, alerts and calendars for keeping on top of your obligations and commitments, and flexible reporting, which you can receive on schedule or demand and send to predetermined recipients.

Does OpenSource CM offer different pricing plans?

OpenSource CM offers different pricing plans such as Basic OSCM (starting at $9,000 / year), Pro OSCM (starting at $18,000 / year), and Enterprise OSCM (starting at $49,900 / year). Each plan includes unlimited users, free demos, unlimited training, and support.

What is the average cost of OpenSource?

The average cost of OpenSource cannot be calculated because each service package has its own fixed price. For example, while the cheapest plan, Basic OSCM, starts at $9,000 / year, the most expensive one, Enterprise OSCM, reaches $49,900 / year.