What is ShareVault?

ShareVault is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, and provides virtual data room services focused on information protection and the ability to share confidential documents while reducing the risk of security breaches. Catering their services to a variety of markets, ShareVault solutions target companies that want to make sure their M&A transactions go as smoothly as possible.

ShareVault features

For a virtual data room to be useful in any business environment, it needs features that fulfill client needs. The ShareVault VDR is equipped with the following tools to make the M&A process easier. 

  • Extensive analytics. Each activity in the virtual data room is recorded and later summed up in a report. By monitoring how much time a user has spent on a document or any edits made to a file, you can track  ongoing changes in the file infrastructure.
  • Security and shareability. With bank-grade security features and the ability to decide who has access to what kinds of files allows your business to retain a grasp over confidential documentation. 
  • 24/7 support. A ShareVault virtual data room offers help any time of the day. If you ever run into problems with your data room solution, you won’t have to worry about being left without assistance. 
  • Organizational tools. Presenting your documentation from within the data room is possible thanks to organizational tools in the online file repository. Through smart filters and tags, you can retrieve necessary documents. 
  • Easy setup and prep. The intuitive environment of the ShareVault software allows for fluid usability and setup for due diligence and M&A deals. 
  • Integration with other apps. ShareVault integrates with Google Drive, DocuSign, and OneDrive. This way, you can improve your workflow in the virtual data room.

ShareVault pricing

When it comes to the ShareVault data room cost, three plans are available to potential clients. Though the company doesn’t disclose details of its pricing structure, you can get a personalized quote by contacting a sales representative. 

  • ShareVault Express. This plan provides the essential tools a virtual data room should be equipped with like user activity reporting and watermarking. Combined with security features and granular permission settings, this is everything a business needs to start using a virtual data room.
  • ShareVault Pro. In addition to what’s included in the Express plan, the Pro plan also includes customizable branding, app integration, and the Q&A module.
  • ShareVault Enterprise. In addition to the features of the Express and Pro plan, an Enterprise subscription also provides their clients with additional security measures and inter-document file linking. 

ShareVault free trial

ShareVault offers 7-day free trials for all of their virtual data room plans. In addition to having the opportunity to test their features, ShareVault also provides a software walkthrough. 

ShareVault support and usage 

ShareVault subscribers all receive training for using their virtual data room. By providing 24/7/365 support (Express plan only includes the hotline during workdays), clients are never left on their own, and by using ShareVault’s Project Manager (included in Pro and Enterprise plans), they can control what goes on in their virtual data room — for the entire user session.


What is ShareVault data room?

ShareVault data room is a leader in providing virtual data rooms for sharing documents. The solution allows companies to monitor and control the exchange of sensitive data with external parties during due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and other essential business processes.

Is ShareVault data room suitable for small businesses or large enterprises?

ShareVault data room is suitable for companies of any size.

How secure is the ShareVault data room platform?

The ShareVault Data Room platform is secure. First, the provider’s servers are located in an AWS virtual private cloud. Second, ShareVault is GDPR and CCPA-compliant. Third, all your files are AES 256-encrypted, and the keys are never stored on disk.