What is SmartRoom?

SmartRoom VDR is one of the products by the BMC group, an information management software provider based in Los Angeles, CA. SmartRoom virtual data room enables secure and convenient file collaboration for organizations across many sectors. 

SmartRoom solutions are built on the principles of top-grade security and high efficiency. The businesses that find the most value in SmartRoom software operate in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy, alternative investments, and education.

Apart from the SmartRoom VDR, the provider offers a CRM solution and a post-merger integration platform. 

SmartRoom features

SmartRoom virtual data room features help users improve document management, data security, collaboration, and productivity of a particular project or the organization in general. 

Some of the most notable SmartRoom software characteristics include:

  • Email uploading. The administrators can add files to the SmartRoom virtual data room by mailing them via a secure, built-in tool.
  • Various integrations. SmartRoom software incorporates Box, DocuSign, and Microsoft Office to improve user convenience and allow faster deal processing.
  • Access revocation. Administrative users can choose to cancel previously granted file permissions, even after the document has been downloaded.
  • Detailed reporting. Deal handlers can make more informed decisions by continuously monitoring the activity inside the SmartRoom VDR.
  • Centralized Q&A. Admins can manage and address questions securely within one unified space during M&A due diligence and other collaborative processes.
  • User import. Versatile integration capacity also allows adding users directly from Office365, SalesForce, or DealCloud.

SmartRoom software employs the hosting services of Microsoft Azure, the platform that enables complete data segregation from other BMC group networks, at-rest and in-transfer encryption, and utmost physical security.

Additionally, the provider performs constant vulnerability scans and penetration tests to ensure the absolute integrity of the users’ data. In case of a full-scale disaster scenario, the SmartRoom VDR can be recovered in 15 minutes.

SmartRoom pricing 

SmartRoom data room cost is calculated individually for every client. The provider considers the project’s duration, number of users, storage requirements, necessary features, and more to form a tailored price.

SmartRoom pricing reportedly follows a flat-fee model with annual billing for most project categories. Contacting the provider is required for receiving a quote. 

SmartRoom VDR free trial

SmartRoom software has a 30-day free trial period offered to all new users. The test mode includes all the features of the data room at a limited capacity and can be used for initial familiarization or deal preparation.

Users can also request a SmartRoom VDR demonstration by submitting contact information and project details to the provider’s sales department.

SmartRoom support and deployment

SmartRoom solutions include access to a 24/7/365 on-site support team. The users can get a hold of the technical support representative via phone at any convenient time. Additionally, the users get assigned a dedicated project manager that can help with the VDR setup process, tool configuration, and more.

SmartRoom software is available through a browser and a smartphone app on both iOS and Android devices. The app performs at a simplified capacity, allowing users to monitor the deal, manage documents, invite users, and access account settings on the go.


What types of customer support does SmartRoom VDR offer?

SmartRoom VDR offers 24/7/365 on-site support. You can contact the operator via phone when needed and get expert advice. Plus, you get a personal project manager who helps install and set up the software.

Does SmartRoom VDR offer any integration options with other software?

SmartRoom VDR offers helpful integrations such as SalesForce, DealCloud, DocuSign, Microsoft Office, and Box to allow faster user and data management and improve overall user experience.

What are the key features of SmartRoom VDR?

The key features of SmartRoom VDR are as follows: SmartDrive (working with your data directly from the desktop), SmartMail (sending files to the VDR workspace from your email box), and SmartShare (sharing sensitive documents through a secure link).

How secure is the SmartRoom VDR platform?

The SmartRoom VDR platform is secure thanks to some sophisticated data protection mechanisms. For example, you can restrict access to a file even after it has been downloaded by end users, control the ability to download, view, share a document for each participant at the file level, and schedule reports to monitor and analyze every action on the platform.