What is Sterling?

Sterling Financial Print was founded in 1988 as a financial printing company. The company was acquired by Computer Associates International in 2000. In 2010, they launched the first Sterling data room, and in 2018, they demerged the business to focus more on technology and improve customer support. Sterling is headquartered in London, UK. 

A Sterling virtual data room is a great solution for businesses of any size undergoing mergers and acquisitions. Professionals from various industries can use Sterling VDR software for other complex deals and transactions as well. 

Sterling features

A Sterling data room provider offers a wide variety of features that allow you to maximize a deal’s security, your team’s performance, and productivity. These include: 

  • File management functionality. Sterling offers drag-and-drop and direct email upload and automatic document translation— a great buy-side feature. Other functions, such as file and folder indexing, for example, allow for better document organization.
  • Security features. Sterling has a UK and EU server and is GDPR-compliant. The provider uses the highest protection practices for data safety. There are features like customizable watermarking, real-time reporting, permission levels, IRM without plug-ins, and more. Also, you can set a time bomb on downloadable documents. You can make a document available for a set period of time, after which the user will no longer have access to the file.
  • 24/7 support. Sterling VDR has a London-based customer service team. It’s available in multiple languages and 24/7, meaning you can reach out to fix any issue with your data room anytime. 
  • Analytics and reporting features. Sterling has customizable reporting, which includes page-level reporting. 
  • Customization and branding. Users can get a customizable watermark and add their company’s logo to their data room. Sterling even offers advanced personalized branding features for an additional fee. 
  • Communication and collaboration features. Sterling offers Excel integration with buy-side and sell-side bulk uploads. A Q&A section and other advanced workflow features are available to improve collaboration and communication within the team during projects. 
  • AI redaction. Sterling boasts the AI redaction feature available across the entire index.

Sterling pricing

Sterling charges per GB. It’s important to note that the Sterling preparation period is three months. Sterling offers a Lite subscription model to those who plan to use their VDR as an online repository. In this case, they offer limited functionality at a lower price.

Sterling also guarantees to send USB archives within 24 hours of a request. However, the provider has a relatively small staff meaning that it may be challenging to assist a large number of clients simultaneously.

On the negative side, additional branding features from Sterling cost extra. There are also extensions and extra storage fees. They look simple, but they don’t encourage customers to use more data and utilize the VDR for a longer period of time. The extension fee is calculated pro-rata. Extra storage is charged at a fixed fee of £800 per GB.

The final cost for the Sterling virtual data room is calculated for each client individually. The provider evaluates the company’s needs, requirements, and needed storage volume. You can get a personalized quote on Sterling’s website.

Sterling free trial

There is no free trial or demo version available for the Sterling software. You can reach out to Sterling’s sales representatives for more information about the data room by just filling out the form on the provider’s website.

Sterling support and deployment

Sterling’s platform is only accessible from a computer. Unfortunately, the software is not adaptive for mobile devices and doesn’t support operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android. A Sterling VDR also provides any needed training and 24/7 support from experts for all users to make the user experience easier and more convenient.


What is Sterling data room?

Sterling data room is a British virtual data room provider founded in 1988. The solution is a good choice for secure business data storage and sharing, simplified collaboration, and workflow automation.

How user-friendly is the Sterling data room platform?

Based on the functionality of the Sterling data room platform, the product is relatively user-friendly. Specifically, it includes direct email upload, drag and drop, and automatic document translation. However, there aren’t enough user reviews to learn about Sterling’s user-friendliness from current users.

How reliable is the Sterling data room platform?

The Sterling data room platform is secure for storing sensitive data because it features encryption, specific access permissions, page-level reporting, customizable watermarking, and redaction. Moreover, it is ISO 270001-certified and complies with GDPR and DPA.