What is a Vitrium virtual data room?

Vitrium data room solution launched in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, the provider has been offering an affordable and easy-to-use control dashboard combined with DRM controls. These controls improve the Vitrium security system for better intellectual property protection for any type of business. 

Most importantly, Vitrium systems are both the client- and end-user-driven innovation, committed to ensuring their interface is free of occasional issues.

Vitrium is a web-based desktop software for storing sensitive documents. It provides all-sized businesses with a dedicated Vitrium security platform to store and share such crucial content as transactional documents, intellectual property, contracts, reports, etc. 

It doesn’t require any additional plugins or apps, so organizations can easily access all the features and work with sensitive documents, video files, images, etc. 

Vitrium security through digital rights management

Thanks to DRM elements, employees can benefit from more security for confidential materials. Thus, Vitrium security mechanisms protect valuable digital assets using 256-bit AES encryption for each file — one of the highest levels of security. This way, the software encrypts contents upon upload and allows clients to securely distribute documents while maintaining complete control over them.

However, the content is still easily accessible by authorized users while other secure data rooms enable companies to manage access for employees.

What are Vitrium DRM software controls?

Vitrium systems deliver various content protection controls for content and user groups. This range of DRM software options includes:

  • restriction on copying, printing, and screen sharing
  • settings for expiration dates and print or device limits
  • watermarks for user identification
  • content access control for specific IP addresses
  • blocking or restricting certain countries

Customers say that compared to the previously used makeshift method, which gives very little control, the Vitrium security system keeps stored and distributed materials protected. Besides, companies always know what their partners receive and can track their activities at all points throughout the deal cycle..

Vitrium data room features

Virtual portal systems have a variety of features any company can use for its digital asset protection and management. These include:

  • Tracking and analytics. Analytics provides incredible insight into how users interact with the virtual data room and each document in particular. Admins can access real-time analytical reports and track user activity, such as which files were opened and when, and the user’s IP address. These features also allow management to view error messages, browsers, or applications being used and analyze user behavior.
  • Support. Vitrium works closely with the team to identify how the Vitrium security tools can help meet their requirements. Additionally, virtual data room clients can contact live reps with any questions or issues during business hours.
  • Easy setup and deployment. Vitrium systems are easy to install. You can consult with Vitrium’s team to help map out workflows. The provider’s team will help identify how the data room solution best fits the workflow — they can also provide suggestions.
  • Customizable workflows. Vitrium serves as a highly customizable DRM solution for organizations in various industries. Companies can customize their client portal for efficiency.

Vitrium pricing 

The Virtium software price depends on the chosen tariff plan, but each of them includes Vitrium systems with digital rights management controls. There are three pricing options available: Pro, Enterprise, and VitriumOne. All tariff plans start at $375/month. 

Users can also opt for the software’s added features at extra charge. For example, protecting video files is an add-on cost for all users, regardless of the selected plan.


The Pro subscription includes the following features:

  • Ability to distribute  proprietary content through customizable portals
  • Protected documents, images, video and audio files 
  • Manual upload of files, groups, and members
  • Sharing safe links or PDF documents
  • Administering user permissions
  • Print, copy, and expiration controls for digital assets


The Enterprise subscription covers all the same options as the Pro plan but also:

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Integration with CRM, LMS, AMS, and eCommerce
  • Automation of materials upload and encryption
  • Enabling SSO with SAML, OAuth, and 3rd Party Identity
  • Automate authentication workflows
  • Advanced DRM controls


This virtual data room pack simplifies the way users distribute confidential documents in a secure way. Besides, the VitriumOne subscribers get:

  • Assigning different DRM controls to different individuals
  • Distribution of digital assets through an LMS-like tool
  • Easy data room access for others with a simple password

Vitrium free trial

You can contact the Vitrium provider for details about the free trial, as the official website doesn’t say anything about it. You may also want to request a brief demonstration on the provider’s site. 

The Vitrium team will help you find the right solution to fit your content needs and choose a suitable subscription plan. 

Vitrium implementation

The portal is compatible with different operating systems, including Mac desktop and Windows desktop. However, the software is not available for: 

  • Linux – desktop
  • Linux – mobile
  • on-premise Linux
  • iPhone – mobile
  • Android – mobile
  • Chromebook-based computers
  • on-premise Windows 

Vitrium virtual data room support

Vitrium DRM software also provides a unique approach to technical support. There are various packages available in different versions of the software, including basic and elite packages.

  • Basic package

Vitrium’s Basic Support Package is in all versions of Vitrium Security and guarantees assisting via email with a 1-2 business days response time. 

  • Elite package

Elite Support Package has all the elements of the basic one together with phone support and same-day response. However, you have to pay an additional fee for this, which makes the software price higher. Despite this, customers say assistance services are one of the provider’s best over-arching things.

 Vitrium’s help desk team works closely with Quality Assurance and Professional Services teams, so any issue that arises will be fixed as soon as possible. 

There is also an extensive knowledge base with many helpful training materials available on Vitrium’s website, including online webinars, documentation, videos. In addition, customers can use onboarding and complimentary training for all tariff plans.


What is Vitrium and how can it be used for data rooms?

Vitrium is a web-based desktop application for securely storing your company’s confidential documents. As a virtual data room, it provides companies of all sizes with a dedicated platform to store and share intellectual property, reports, contracts, and sensitive transaction documents.

How does Vitrium handle data privacy?

Vitrium handles privacy largely through digital rights management, improving sensitive documents’ security. In particular, Vitrium uses 256-bit AES encryption, restrictions on printing, copying, and screen sharing, watermarks, and IP restrictions. 

What are the key features of Vitrium?

The key features of Vitrium are a secure web viewer, single sign-on, and multiple integrations, including content management (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), association management systems (AMS), and more.